Online Therapy, So the question is does it work?

Does online therapy work?…….. I will talk about my personal experience ,as therapists we have to have ongoing Personal therapy.

So I wanted to understand if i am going to offer online therapy What It Feels Like to be a client with online therapy.

 So I found my online therapist I was nervous and skeptical at first but what I found going forward with online therapy is how relaxed I felt in my own environment.

More Relaxing.

 I made myself a coffee got a glass of  water, settled myself on my sofa put my heating on put my cushions around me lots of things that made me feel safe and familiar and so I Began my therapy.

 for anybody going to therapy there are lots of anxiety and  that doesn’t change just because you’re a therapist, so I was quite nervous, I was nervous in case it didn’t work, in case I didn’t get to really engage with my therapist, these fears were quickly dispelled  it just felt so relaxed and so warm.

 what I found interesting is after I finished therapy I could just sit there in the moment I don’t have to leave the office I didn’t have to rush out anywhere I could just sit and be in my own environment, if I was emotional I could just be emotional, if I was ok I could just be ok, if I wanted to feel angry I could just feel angry, but I was within my own safe environment.

online counselling.
relaxing after therapy.

Working online as a Therapist.

So from this experience I offered online therapy  I work with couples and individuals who struggle with relationships, having used online therapy, albeit in a small way, with the post within the NHS,  one of my major concerns was, would this Translate over a camera working with a couple as I do relationship work, and it does I work with couples now on line I work with individuals online and it does feel more relaxed  clients seem to be more relaxed in their own environment, the couples I can say seem to feel more at ease they don’t have to think about babysitters they don’t have to think about driving here or how it will affect their evening.

Convenient, Can take place Anywhere.

online therapy can take place anywhere you can be at work you can be on holiday you can be travelling on train it can be anywhere it can me and your home it can be in your bed when you wake up in the morning it can be done if your dining table it can be in the garden during the summer it can be anywhere you want it to be where you feel safe and you feel comfortable.

 you don’t have to think about parking you don’t have to think about driving you don’t have to think about babysitters you do not have to think about going out in the cold you don’t have to think about fitting it in before you shoot off to work you don’t have to think about fitting in before you can pick the children up.

Relaxing and Calming

 but one of the most important things for me with online therapy is the processing after, ,it  is the being able to sit and just be, no driving,  no feeling you  have to box up this emotion now, and get on with the rest of your day you can process this immediately you can decide to go and have a hot bath, you can decide to just sit and be emotional, you can decide to go to the gym, go for a run, or go upstairs leisurely getting ready to go to work .

Online therapy works because you can make it work for you can fit it in with your lifestyle you have more opportunities you have quicker access to therapies you can go anywhere you can go up and down the country to find a therapist that suits you, There are lots of different modalities there are lots of different therapists to choose from.

 So for instance if you live in Brentwood where my face to face practice is, you could be confined to just working with therapists in this area, because of work, home, children, and schools. working online  you can work with somebody who is based in Scotland, you can  work with somebody who is based in London, anywhere the choice is yours and I think the more choice you have the better experience you will have with therapy .

For instance my therapist is based in Preston and I chose him for lots of reasons but one of the reasons is I’m a Northern lass,  living in Essex and I want to choose a Northern therapist, ironically the therapist I chose is somebody who comes from Essex just happens to live in Preston.

Relationship therapy online.
Online therapy can be anywhere

Online Therapy is A wonderful Medium.

 so what I’m saying is online therapy has a massive place given the life Styles we all lead,  and I can honestly say it has proved to be very beneficial for me and for the clients I’m working with.

 if you would like to consider it I offer a free 30-minute full session we could  we could turn this into a 30 minute Skype session and see if it suits you and see if you like how it works so why not give me a call give me a text and see if we can work together.

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